Mussar: Simplicity Part 2

Right in Front of our eyes Have you experienced one of those moments where you spend 30 minutes looking for your glasses that are on your head or Scavenging through your bedroom looking for your phone that was in your pocket the whole time? Or worse yet you are looking for your phone at the... Continue Reading →

Mussar: Simplicity Part 1

Ever sense I can remember one of my favorite TV shows was The Andy Griffith Show. One of the reasons is because of a longing for the joy of the simple things in life like family, friends, and Aunt Bee’s home cooking. I can picture myself sitting on the front porch with Opie and Barney... Continue Reading →

The Mishnah Anti Messianic?

For those like myself who have a passion for discovering the Hebraic heritage of Christianity Alfred Edersheim is a great resource. He has written a number of books on the social, religious, and political life of first century Israel. Such as “The Temple: Its ministry and Services”, “The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah”,... Continue Reading →

The Heart of Prayer

In the aftermath of tragedy Synagogues and Churches alike are filled like no other time. Hymnals are sung and Liturgies are chanted by those who at any other time would be enjoying the weekend Football games. It is in the midst of tragedy that people are shown to be vulnerable and in need of the... Continue Reading →

Christian Antisemitism?

The charge of Christian anti-Semitism more often than not elicits emotionally charged responses from both sides of the aisle. These emotions are real and should not be taken lightly, often times however they cloud our thinking and do not allow us to examine the heart of the issue. Is True Christianity by nature anti-Semitic? To... Continue Reading →

Capital Punishment

The Webster’s dictionary describes “capital punishment” as having reference to or involving life punishable by death. The word capital means “head” therefore capital punishment means” head punishment”. Historically the most common means of carrying out the death penalty was to remove the head from the body, hence the term “capital punishment”. Very early in human... Continue Reading →

Original Sin

According to the Talmudic sages “every human is created with two impulses, one good and the other evil.” –Ber 6IA This theology differs fundamentally from the orthodox Christian doctrine of original sin. While the differences may seem to most as minute the consequences are profound. The Doctrine of Original sin states that man is cursed... Continue Reading →

Mark 7 and Washing Hands

For those of us who have come to the conclusion that GOD’S Torah has not been abolished explaining to our Christian brothers and sisters the joy of obedience can prove challenging however a worthwhile journey. Whenever I am approached regarding kashrut the challenger almost always comes armed with quotes from Mark 7. In the case... Continue Reading →

Abortion and the Sages

At the heart of the abortion issue according to the abortion rights advocates is the “Fundamental right” of a women to choose to do with her body what she wishes. Unfortunately the majority of Jews in the western world stand united with this notion of a women’s right to choose. The attempt to unite the... Continue Reading →

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