The Aleph Center

Beginning 2019 Laurie and I will be opening The Aleph Center in Colorado Springs. A place were you can join with family and friends to learn about the Hebrew heritage of your Christian faith. The Aleph Center is not a messianic congregation, synagogue, or church, but a learning to center and a safe place to dialogue about your faith and how the Jewish Christ and jewish heritage of Christianity can inspire your walk in a dramatic way. Please keep checking back back for more information about where and when. If you are interested in attending on a weekly basis please PM me or email me at

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  1. I read your (Walli) response in the Indy last week and always enjoy your take on things.
    I looked up Aleph and am curious.
    If I am a Jew then how would this work. The description above makes me wonder if his is for Christians who want to know more about their roots? Thanks and I’m so glad you are starting this adventure in COS! Mitzi


    1. Hi Mitzi, I am grateful for your support and glad to have enjoyed the site. I will keep the website updated as to when we will start The Aleph Center classes. Should be very soon! The Aleph Center is for both Jews and Christians who want to know more about their Hebraic Heritage and the teachings of Yeshua. One of the classes I will be offering soon is a basic course on Messianic Jewish Apologetic’s. Hope to see you there.


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